Spiritual Coaching

We all carry the answers to our questions within ourselves. But it can happen sometimes that thought processes, emotions or fear stop us from gaining access to this inner wisdom.

In many cases, we are so involved in our own story that we've stopped realising what is really happening and what life is offering to us.

Spiritual coaching helps to regain access to your inner knowledge and the wider perspective and get clarity. It doesn’t give you all the answers – instead it helps you find the answers for yourself, within yourself.


This is an ancient Hawaiian ritual of forgiveness and a very simple and efficient way of solving problems, even today. It can help free yourself from emotional anxieties and thought programmes, such as guilt, pressure, worries and doubts, both in your family and in your professional life.

Advice, coaching and hypnosis are no substitute for treatment by a doctor, psychologist or alternative practitioner and do not constitute medical treatment.
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