Meditation Circle

In many cultures and religions, meditation is practised as a spiritual method. Mindfulness and concentration exercises calm and collect the mind. The desired states of consciousness are called, depending on tradition, “calmness”, “panorama consciousness”, “being one”, “being in the here and now” or “free from needs”. Meditation means arriving or being at your centre. By constantly cleaning and clearing you from the energy-draining need to hold on to your past or future goals, it creates an immense freedom and gives you energy on all levels.

  • Thursday every week, 7.30 pm
  • Venue - Marienholzstrasse76, 54292 Trier-Ruwer
  • Fee – five sessions euro 45.

Information and registration –, telephone +49 (0)173-9177531

Advice, coaching and hypnosis are no substitute for treatment by a doctor, psychologist or alternative practitioner and do not constitute medical treatment.
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