Emotional Eating

People who suffer from eating disorders have one thing in common – they constantly think about food, meals and their weight all the time and often suffer from a misconception of their body image. They are caught in a vicious circle of wanting to let go and hanging on to habits they have formed over many years. Emotional eating is the urge to satisfy emotional needs through eating, or not eating, or thinking about eating.

Emotional Eating can only be overcome if the deeper causes of the problem, the psychological reasons, are recognised and resolved. With an eating disorder, food becomes the wrong target. Problems with food are only the mirror images of the real issues that worry us. The aim of our consultation is for you to make peace with yourself and the fraught relationship between body and food. Once we have learned to trust in ourselves, to love and accept ourselves then we start to nourish ourselves – with love and food.

I run a self-help group for families of people with eating disorders (see workshops in Trier).

Advice, coaching and hypnosis are no substitute for treatment by a doctor, psychologist or alternative practitioner and do not constitute medical treatment.
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