My Work

With my work I want to help you to find your own way in an ever changing world to rediscover your intuition and resources so you can regain control of your own life. Sometimes, people just lose their thread, sometimes there are cruel twists of fate and you don't know how to continue, sometimes our fears hold us back. I will show you how you can bring about realistic change through increased consciousness, courage and trust and how you can learn to let go, get a new direction and grow.

About Anne-Marie

Anne-Marie was born and brought up in the UK. During her time at university she fell in love with a man and his country. Since 1984 she has made her life in Germany.

Her life was not unusual – school, university, marriage, two children, and a successful job – until her daughter got seriously ill. At that time she wasn't always happy, but didn’t know then that happiness is a fundamental right. Her daughter’s eating disorder was a large blow to their family life; nothing was as it had been before. She received good medical care but nobody came up with the right answers. Which dynamics in this family had led to this? Anne-Marie started her search and, at the same time, her own transformation and reset of her own life.

Today she is a psychological advisor, certified coach, numerologist, stress management consultant, healing energetic coach and alternative practitioner (psychotherapy) in training. She runs her own surgery and holds numerous seminars and workshops in Trier and Berlin (Germany) and Luxembourg.

Advice, coaching and hypnosis are no substitute for treatment by a doctor, psychologist or alternative practitioner and do not constitute medical treatment.
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